Valley Village Additions Builder

Valley Village Additions Builder

My name is George Saado, and I’ve been a Home Additions Builder in the City of Los Angeles since 2006.  I’m doing more Accessory Dwelling Units now-a-days, as home owners see an opportunity, to invest in an ADU.  Creating income, creating an asset such as an ADU that can be rented out for $2,000.00/month, is attracting many home owners to look at their home lot or garage that they do not use to see if they can turn a liability into an asset.

Valley Village is going through many changes.  I loved seeing the removal of the rail road on Chandler Blvd. and replaced with the metro line.  Marylin Monroe’s home on Hermitage Avenue got torn down and a new building went up.  There are many buildings going up at a time when there are so many home less.  It’s construction time and many home owners are also building on their property – granny lofts.  

In Valley Village, home owners, now have the green light from the City of Los Angeles to build Accessory Dwelling Units – ADU.  In a sense, you can convert your garage to an accessory dwelling unit, or build yourself a new unit on your property lot.  If you are a savvy home owner that is handy with the tools, you can hire an Architect to design your ADU and get a permit as an owner builder.  I actually recommend hiring a contractor, like my self, who will do the design, permit, and construction for faster result.

If you use your garage for tools and car storage, I recommend building a new ADU in your back yard, but if you do not use your garage, it’s the fastest and cheapest way to invest in an ADU and reap the rewards of a monthly income.  Do the math, it pays for itself over time.  You pay for what you get, so you may get $100 per square feet estimate all the way up to $600 per square feet estimate.  Depends on where you live.  A Beverly Hills 3,000 square foot Home Addition on top of a private hillside will be around $600 per square feet.  It’s still a good investment to build a 3,000 square foot Beverly Hills Home for $1.5 million dollars.  

Valley Village Additions Builder, George Saado, is ready to help you with your home addition project.  We know, your family is growing, and you choose to keep your family home in these hard times.  The economy is shrinking and it makes sense to move back home and help out with the rent. 

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