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A1 Home Builder began in 2000 A.D. as Handyman 360 and in 2006, the owner, George Saado, got licensed through the California Contractors’ State License Board as a General Contractor ‘b’ license 885624.
In 2011, the 1st lady died, leaving George with 3 kids to care for. George did not know how to care for kids nor a house, but George was handy, so with a little google searching how to cook and a little help from the community, George learned how to do dishes, cook, and do laundry.  George never learned how to parent and has a lot of dependency issues allowing the kids to take advantage of their father’s passiveness.
After a negative review on the web, that was well written by a scholar in defamation, George’s business suffered and after loosing that online presence, George began California Handyman.
California Handyman was supported by George’s son, Matthew Saado.  Determined to be a home additions builder, George and Matthew began to grow California Handyman from a small business in the San Fernando Valley to the Greater Los Angeles Area.  Specializing as an additions builder, George and son, Matthew, excavated footing, laid rebar, mixed concrete and poured footing forms, framed and shear walled additions, wired electrical outlets, lights, switches, underground power supply, dual gang electric metering, dual gang electrical panels, plumbing, kitchen sink, tankless water heaters, water closets, shower valves, faucets, etc.
In August 2021, and California-Handyman became the property of Matthew Saado.  George Saado created A1 Home  Builder Electrical Plumbing and HVAC to answer the demand for more housing in Los Angeles by building additions builder and Accessory Dwelling Units for the consumer living in the City of Los Angeles.
2022 is the year A1 Home Builder will begin advertising in and around Los Angeles, California.  If that advertising does not yield any success, the plan is to advertise near by cities.  
ADU Additions Builder
Additions Builder for Accessory Dwelling Unit construction in Los Angeles California

ADU Additions Builder

ADU Additions Builder

ADU Additions Builder Roofing

Home addition Builder

Great Returns On Your Investment

A new home addition is a perfect investment if your family is growing and you need extra space.  You can keep the home that you love, just have us build you an addition.  We can design it together as you are familiar with your home and it’s true potential.  If not, we can help you get the most out of your home.  Most home owners want to know if it’s better to build a 2nd story or build out into the back yard.  We can give you a free evaluation of your home’s potential including options to convert your garage into an addition and build you a new garage.  Every case is different, but we have the expertise and know how to build homes even in hillside areas, if you live in Beverly Hills, California or around Encino.  We serve the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas.

ADU Builder

We’re Here to Help

A1 Home Builder specializes in building Accessory Dwelling Units.  We can design and construct your new Accessory Dwelling Unit.  You pay for the permit fees, but we can submit plans for permits and obtain all the necessary documents to get all the permits in place before we do any construction.  We make all the requests to your utility companies and get all the utility meters installed for your new A.D.U. 

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