Home Additions

Do you need a little inspiration for your new Additions? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our project gallery features some of our favorite additions builder design ventures. From bathroom, to outdoor shutters and custom designs, we have done it all. We invite you to view the gallery, take a few notes, and give us a call to get started on your next home additions construction project. We look forward to helping you transform your home into a mansion.

We design or you design.  Most of our customers have their own Architect and plans are already have been submitted to the city for permits.  When these plans come to us for estimation, we visit the site to see the site conditions and then we compare the plans with the actual dimensions.  One thing to keep in mind when selecting a G.C. general contractor is to get at least 3 estimates from 3 separate contractors in your area.  Review the estimates and see which contractor has summarized your project best, because, I believe, that is your contractor.  

It’s always best to hold 10% of the total contract price until your project is complete.  However, you have to have a good payment schedule with your contractor, so that funds are available to him or her to get your project moving.  After the city approval of the plans, and permits are issued, the first thing to do is to excavate the footings.  Your building footing is the foundation that needs to be strong especially in hillside construction.  Underground utilities are done concurrently with the footing rebar and footing forms.  That includes plumbing and electrical.  Plumbing includes gas lines and water lines and sewer.  Framing is the next step and the most important, because after the framing, the project moves ahead really fast.  That’s when you can do more electrical, plumbing and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning rough work.

At this point, walls can be closed of with shear walls, stucco, insulation, and drywall or any sound proofing.  The project is on time and on budget – things couldn’t be better.  Of course, the final touches are the most important such as kitchen cabinets, counter tops, etc.  

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